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Out and about in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis

Conquer the mountains on foot

Hiking trails in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis

From leisurely walks that are stroller-friendly to ambitious summit tours and hair-raising via ferratas – whichever one you choose, you can be sure that the views will be magnificent! The region of Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis is not just one of Austria’s sunniest spots, but also home to its most majestic mountains (we think so, anyway). Your opportunities for adventure are varied, incredible, unforgettable. Add the wonderfully spicy mountain air that invites you to breathe deeply and the stunning views, and you have a dream setting for your summer holiday, in the gentle and peaceful tranquillity of the Tyrolean Alps. Perfect for opening your heart and treating body and soul to in-depth regeneration!

Natural regeneration

Forest bathing and walking meditation

Breathing deeply, inhaling the fragrance of the forest, taking mindful steps… The gentle, excellently signposted forest and meadow trails in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis, for instance around Lake Wolfsee, are perfect for forest bathing and walking meditations.

Dedicated relaxation spots have been set up here for you to enjoy, with wellness loungers, hanging chairs and hammocks. A true vision of summer!

The panorama trails at altitudes of up to 2,000 metres offer breathtaking views. Try the panorama trail from the Komperdell middle station in Serfaus, heading towards Fiss up to Möseralm pasture and Ladis. A beautiful trail without major altitude differences that rewards you with a view of a multitude of summits.

Aim high

On top of the world in Fiss

Fancy going up 3,000 metres? In the Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis region, the choice is yours. Sophisticated trails for super-fit mountaineers (and those aspiring to join that club) lead past mountain lakes, across lush pastures and all the way up to the summit cross. No matter how often you see it, the panorama from up here is always an incredible sight and worth all the effort. On the way up, nature will show itself from many different sides, from forests and meadows to craggy rocks, all of them unique in their own way.
If you prefer having a mountain guide with you, check out the tour programme of the mountain and hiking guides (from June to October).

Your path to happiness

Hiking tips in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis

Six Senses

Six Senses – the theme trail for the family in Serfaus!

24 stations provide riddles for you to solve and natural phenomena to observe. An almost flat trail that takes you from the Komperdell middle station to Möseralm pasture in Fiss and all the way to Ladis. The trail is suitable for strollers and there are larger-than-life “spoons” for you to sit in and enjoy the glorious views.

The trail is a joy also in winter – plan about 4 hours in total.

“Schmugglersteig” (“Smugglers’ trail”)

“Schmugglersteig” (“Smugglers’ trail”)

A hike to the past and suitable for anyone with a good level of physical fitness. Walk in the footsteps of smugglers from times long gone on the trail that leads from the Lazidbahn mountain station to Hexenseehütte and learn fascinating facts about the smugglers who brought goods from Samnaun in Switzerland to Innsbruck during the post-war period.

“Fisser Kraft- und Sinnesweg” (“Energy and Senses Trail)

“Fisser Kraft- und Sinnesweg” (“Energy and Senses Trail):

Craggy rocks, tender flowers, enchanted trees and mystical lakes: This trail is perfect for a mindful hike that puts you in touch with nature. Restore the balance of your emotions on this calming tour. Take a break at one of five power spots along the way and let nature’s energy replenish your batteries.

Water-themed hiking trail in Ladis

Water-themed hiking trail in Ladis:

The “Tiroler Sauerbrunn” spring, a certified mineral and medicinal spring, will refresh you from the inside out. This tour takes you past burbling streams, giant springs, cascades and larger-than-life water drops.

Our tip

The early bird
catches the worm...

Even if you are not a morning person: Make sure you don’t miss the sunrise over the mountains during your summer holiday in Fiss!

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Nordic Walking in Fiss

Nordic Walking
on the sun plateau

Gentle full-body training with an up-close-and-personal, gentle encounter with nature: Nordic Walking is ideal for all the family. The region of Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis in Tyrol has the largest offer of Nordic Walking tours in the Alps, consisting of 20 tours of all levels of difficulty and spanning a total of 159 kilometres! Plenty of time for enjoying nature at your own pace while strengthening your body in the gentlest way possible. Soothing for body and soul and perfect for restoring a sense of balance. You will finish your tour feeling rested and refreshed.
All the trails are excellently signposted and prepared.

Taking the rough with the smooth

From blue (beginners) to red (intermediate) and black (advanced): Select your walking route in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis from three levels of difficulty. The splendid views are the common denominator for all three levels. Routes start out in either Serfaus, Fiss or Ladis. Try the forest trail from Fiss, suitable for newbies, or the ambitious Beutelkopf route. If you want to explore higher altitudes, take the cable car up and go walking at 2,000 metres – fantastic views of the valley included!

The benefits of walking

10 reasons for Nordic Walking

  • Nordic Walking exercises the whole body and stimulates more than 600 muscles, about 90% of all the muscles we have!
  • Nordic Walking is not just great for stamina, but also for strength, mobility and coordination.
  • It strengthens the tendons and ligaments and goes easy on the joints.
  • The intensity is easy to regulate – from light to high-intensity training, anything is possible.
  • Regular Nordic Walking strengthens the immune system.
  • “Happy hormones” such as serotonin and endorphins are released.
  • Nordic Walking burns 46% more calories than normal walking – perfect if you are trying to lose some weight.
  • Outdoor exercise promotes the production of vitamin D.
  • Tense muscles in the shoulder and neck area are loosened.
  • The consistent movement also stimulates the blood flow.

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