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Wellness treatments
at the Hotel TIROL

Relaxation for the body, balsam for the soul. Our massages help you let go of everything that weighs you down. Trained therapists offer a wide range of treatments, from classic full-body massage to energising cupping massages.

Energy | Heat | Wellbeing

Special massages
at the Hotel TIROL

In addition to classic massages, the Hotel TIROL also offers energising and heat-based massages.

Energy massages ensure that your body’s energy flow is restored and remove blockages and tensions. And afterwards, you will feel refreshed, liberated and bursting with energy.
Our heat-based massages are particularly recommended during the colder months. With a Tyrolean herb massage, hot-stone massage or medical wellness massage, feeling chilly is a thing of the past.

Relaxing & gaining strength

Our Massage offers

Body | Mind | Soul

at the Hotel TIROL

Kinesiology is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), chiropractic therapy and the results of brain and stress research. It is a holistic approach that takes muscles, motor function, breathing, circulation, the lymphatic system, emotions, and the body’s meridians into account.

Kinesiology will restore your physical and mental balance! Kinesiology taping helps with problems of the musculoskeletal system and with scar tissue treatment as well as harmonising the body’s energy flow.

We recommend booking the treatment of your choice before your arrival by calling +43 5476 6358!

Alpienne | Home-made | Natural

The products used at the Hotel TIROL

For our treatments and massages, we use home-made products as well as the Alpienne product range. You are free to choose which one you would prefer.

Choose from:

Oils made by the Hotel Tirol

  • Arnica oil
  • Marmot oil
  • St. John’s Wort oil

Alpienne products

  • Arnica massage milk with rosemary & citronella
  • St. John’s Wort massage milk with camomile & orange
  • Skin and muscle emulsion with healing mud, marmot oil & lemon balm
  • Alpine herb massage milk with yellow gentian & edelweiss
  • Stone pine/arnica massage milk

Relax & enjoy

Our wellness offers

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