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Flying, rafting, canyoning in Fiss

For adrenaline lovers

Attractions in Fiss

Special attractions for special guests. Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis has so much to offer for adrenaline-hungry people that it is impossible to collect it on one website. We have selected the highlights for you, but of course you can get more tips at our reception!

Getting a bird’s-eye perspective

Your paragliding adventure
in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis

Take the opportunity of getting a bird’s-eye perspective of the Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis mountain world during your summer holiday in Tyrol! Sail through the cool mountain air and live the dream of flying!
Fancy a change of perspective?

Paragliding is suitable for all ages, and a tandem flight with an experienced paraglider makes an unforgettable holiday highlight.
Paragliding is possible in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis in summer and in winter. Look at the mountains from way up high and let the cool Alpine air refresh your body and soul.

Fiss flying area

Flying in Tyrol

Fiss is a beautiful, little-known area for flying enthusiasts. Fantastic flights are available from the Schönjoch ridge all year round, starting from two sides and taking you all the way down to the valley. The south-east facing take-off point offers great early thermal conditions. In case of a southern Foehn blowing, there is the option of taking off from Watles on the Reschen Pass in South Tyrol instead.

Up in the air

How a tandem flight works

After a short theory session, you will fly together with specially trained tandem pilots and experience the fantastic feeling of flying. All you need to do is the start is walk/run a few steps before you take off. Always follow the pilot’s instructions before and during the take-off phase. Once you’re up in the air, simply relax and relish this unique experience. Your pilot will discuss the landing with you just before and will make sure that you land gently and safely on the airbags on the ground.

Info and registration

Panorama Flüge Tirol
Roland Patsch
Tel. +43/650/3982773

Rafting and Canyoning

Water adventures
in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis

Close encounters with nature, outdoor exercise and lots of fun: rafting during your summer holiday in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis is a great adventure for all the family.

The rafts are steered by state-certified, experienced raft guides. Your safety is ensured at all times with wetsuits, life jackets and helmets. On a canyoning tour, you will explore a gorge from the top down, wearing a wetsuit and a helmet, and while jumping from cliffs, sliding down smooth rockfaces and diving.

On the water


Rafting in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis doesn’t need to be hair-raising: you can also glide along the gentle waters of the upper Inn and let the guide tell you lots of interesting facts about the river, the land and its people. Family tours and easy group tours are all about the beauty of nature.

For more action-packed tours, head to the Sanna, the Ötztal Ache or the Landeck gorge, where both the crew and the raft guide have to give it their all in terms of concentration. The Rosanna and Trisanna are two majestic mountain creeks that meet in See in the Paznaun valley before making their way to Landeck. The Landeck gorge is one of the most dramatic and fast sections of the Inn river. From Fließ to Landeck, this trip entails spectacular currents and waves in breathtaking scenery.
Beginners’ tours take up to four hours and will introduce you gently to the art of white-water rafting.

Wild Waters


A little fitness, an adventurous mind and hiking boots or trainers that are allowed to get wet is all you need for canyoning while on summer holiday in Fiss.

While abseiling, jumping, sliding, swimming or diving, you will explore a gorge from the top down. Equipment is provided by the organisers on site. From spectacular rivulets to harsh, majestic Alpine gorges, the side valleys of the upper Inn valley provide a wealth of opportunities for encountering nature in a way that is truly unique. Team spirit and mutual trust are important factors.

Contact details for rafting
and canyoning

Why not Adventures
Stuben 9
6542 Pfunds
Tel. +43/5474/5481

6533 Fiss & 6531 Ried i. O.
Tel. +43/5472/6699


Segway Trekking in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis

Explore the mountains in style

Get in position, press the handlebar and you’re on your way up the mountain, in comfort and without breaking a sweat. Segway Trekking in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis looks original and is great fun.

You don’t know what a Segway is? It’s a stand-up scooter with wheels arranged in parallel on either side of a board for standing on, and with a handlebar for steering. Super-easy to operate and fantastic fun!

Here, there, everywhere

Segway for everyone

Riding a Segway is easy and possible for everyone. It only takes about 10 minutes for the guides to introduce users to the device. If you feel you need more practice, scoot around the practice area in Fiss a few times before hitting the trail. Let your guide take you into the mountains on bumpy forest tracks, through shady woods and to the region’s most stunning mountain huts.

TIP: A Segway tour is particularly recommended if your legs are still a bit achy from a hiking or cycling tour the day before!

Segway Trekking Tour

Find out more

Coolevents GmbH
Andreas Tschuggmall
Oberer Trujenweg 8
6533 Fiss
Tel. +43/676/5621036

Funpark Fiss

Fun und Action for everyone

High up on Möseralm pasture, there is a place that makes any heart beat faster.

The Summer Fun Park in Fiss holds a range of attractions and opportunities for fun and games as well as action-packed adventures. The three main attractions – the “Fisser Flitzer”, the “Fisser Flieger” and the “Skyswing” – offer a fantastic adrenaline rush for all ages, as does the giant jumping tower with air cushions. With a total height of 13 metres and two jumping boards (7 and 10 metres), this is an unforgettable thrill.

The “Fisser Flitzer”

A thrilling ride

The “Fisser Flitzer” is a summer tobogganing run suitable for anyone who likes to be in the driver’s seat! With an average gradient of 19% over a distance of 2.2km, you are in charge of how to negotiate the turns. The starting point is at the Möseralm in Fiss. If you decide not to brake, you can race down the hillside at up to 45 km/h. The track takes you across airy bridges, through underpasses and over steep curves that harbour many surprises.

Up, up and away

The “Fisser Flieger”

Fasten your belt and get ready for take-off! That’s the motto of the “Fisser Flieger”, a kite-like flying machine that hovers high above the mountain pastures near the Möseralm in Fiss. Four passengers are strapped into a hang-gliding harness and then pulled backwards towards the mountain at 40 km/h. Once you’re up there, there is only time for a short break before you head back down again – attwice the speed! The flying machine reaches a speed of up to 80 km/h and rushes down the mountain at altitudes from eight to 47 metres. A one-of-a-kind experience that will simply take your breath away!

Defy gravity in Tyrol


No need to go all the way to outer space to shake off gravity: The Skyswing at the Summer Funpark Fiss is all you need! At its highest point, you will feel truly weightless; at its the lowest, the forces of gravity acting on your body are four times as high as normal. An adrenaline rush that you won’t forget in a hurry! The Skyswing seats up to eight passengers at the same time and offers three levels of thrills, from light swaying to a full rollover. Children measuring at least 140cm are allowed on the Skyswing (no other age limits apply).

All atractions at a glance

  • “Fisser Flitzer”
  • Skyswing
  • Summer Snow Park
  • “Fisser Gonde” natural momument
  • Kneipp basin
  • Tubing run
  • Playground
  • Climbing tower
  • XXL sand box
  • Berta’s Air Slide
  • XXL trampoline
  • Jumping tower
  • Electric cars
  • Petting zoo
  • Slackline park

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