Adventures for all ages
in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis

Family summer in Tyrol

Paradise for families

Your family summer holiday in Fiss

Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis is a winter and summer paradise for families with children. There is just so much to see and do!
Marmot-spotting, trying your hand at gold-panning, setting new records with the “Serfauser Sauser”, bear-hunting and so much more!

The Serfauser Sauser

Glide high above Tyrol like a bird

The "Serfauser Sauser”

See the world from a different perspective: The “Serfausre Sauser” flying machine is your opportunity to see the surrounding mountain panorama from a bird’s-eye perspective.

At its highest point, you will be hovering 85 metres above ground! This is made possible by a special steel-rope construction that enables you to fly above this magnificent scenery. Maximum speed: 65 km/h.
While sitting down, you will be gliding past the trees and high above the Tyrolean landscape. Feel the wind whistling around your ears and heart beating faster and faster!
Minimum height: 1.30 metres; minimum weight: 30 kg; max. weight: 125 kg.

For reservations and information visit the Serfaus-Fiss.Ladis region site, visit the Sunliner mountain station or any of the cash points of the Komperdell valley station.

A visit to the “Murmliwasser”

Fun and games with Murmli in Serfaus

A visit to the “Murmliwasser”

Auf über 15.000 m2 bietet das Serfauser Murmliwasser Spiel & Spaß für Familien.

At an area of more than 15,000 m2, the Serfauser Murmliwasser is a great destination for families. It is a play park located below the Komperdellbahn cable car line and consisting of many interactive stations grouped around a natural stream. There are clay ponds, water pumps, sandy play areas with stepping stones, hills to slide down on, water stairways, a Murmli spiral, rock labyrinth, playhouses and the Murmli lighthouse that looks down on a picnic area. Kids are free to make the play area even more exciting by adding stone dams and diverting the watercourse any way they like. At the centre of the pond lies a walk-in marmot cave with a tunnel system that provides a fascinating insight into the hidden homes of these earth dwellers. A marmot pen with live marmots is located in the immediate vicinity.

The gold-panning station is a particular highlight: Wooden troughs filled with water and sand harbour small treasure, to be washed out with gold pans and ladles. The little prospectors are of course free to take their treasure home with them!

Tip: Don’t forget to bring towels and a change of clothes!

Bear Caching Park

The hunt is on

Bear Caching Park

Bear hunting for kids: Age-appropriate geo caching for older children is on offer in this interactive adventure park.

The geocaching hunt takes them on the trail of the bears, all the way to the secret of the bear treasure. The info point in Fiss is the starting point. On the information panel, you will find out everything you need to know about the cache. The trail takes the young adventurers all the way to Lake Wolfsee, where they can find out everything about the origins of these four-legged, indigenous inhabitants. Explore a bear cave and a wolf’s den and tip-toe through the lynx’s habitat. After a successful day’s work, the little explorers can claim a badge as their reward at the information office in Fiss.

On the Murmli Trail

The secret world of the marmot

On the Murmli Trail

The Murmli mascot is everywhere in Serfaus, especially around the Murmliwasser and in the hiking area. But where is Murmli’s real home? This secret is revealed on the interactive Murmli trail, which starts near the Gampen family chair lift. Have fun with the story-telling fountain, the talking “Wurzelmann” that is made of roots, the sleeping bear and Fiona, the croaking owl!

A theme trail that has it all

An experience for all the senses

A theme trail that has it all

Seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting, and smelling are not all you can do on the “Six Senses” trail – it also has illusions in store.
The breathtaking vantage points along the trail are a treat for the eyes. Every single station along this unique trail is about pleasure. A one-of-a-kind experience and not to be missed!

Hög Adventure Park

Mountain dairy farming & forestry

Hög Adventure Park

The Hög adventure park in Serfaus is all about mountain dairy farming and forestry.

The “Schneisenfeger” coaster is a thrilling experience for all the family and open year-round. The 1.5 km toboggan ride starts off gently in an old sawmill at the middle station of the Alpkopfbahn cable car. From there, the pilots are pulled up to the interactive station near the summit, while also finding out lots of fun facts about dairy farming and forestry management on this high plateau. From the top, the tobogganing run takes you past steep curves, two spectacular 360° spinning stations, ten 180-degree bends and over jumps and downhill sections with speeds of up to 40 km/h and up to 8 metres above ground to the Hög adventure park.


The history of Serfaus on the


The 1.5 km-long theme trail starts just below the Komperdellbahn cable car line and takes you in a loop around the nearby reservoir. 26 stations were set up along the trail, with objects and information panels that describe the history of Serfaus and the way it grew from a poor farming and silver mining village into one of the best-known holiday resorts of the Alps.

Wodebad and Wodeturm

Sweeping views

Wodebad and Wodeturm

Around Neuegg pond in Ladis, the “Woden Adventure Park” tell the story of a giant from the nearby Urgtal valley. The legend says that he fought with a wizard trying to defend Ladis, with both drowning in the pond. The 12-metre-high Wodeturm at an altitude of 1,487 metres is a fantastic vantage point above Neuegg, offering round views of the Kaunertal and Inntal valleys and all the way to Fließ.

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