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Climbs to suit everyone in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis – indoors and outdoors

The St Georgen-Rappenwand Family Climbing Centre near the hamlet of St Georgen beneath Serfaus has something for everyone. If you’re up for a challenge – and a breathtaking good time, the St Georgen-Rappenwand Family Climbing Centre is ready to deliver. With 19 different routes to choose from, you could spend all day here. The exciting climbing terrain has various levels of difficulty, ranging from II to VII, and offers enough excitement and adventure to make it a memorable experience for the whole family. Helmets are mandatory. Don’t look down until you reach the top!

Climbing in Serfaus Fiss Ladis Hotel Tirol Austria Tyrol


Climbing tower, climbing wall and bouldering room

For even more high-rise adventure, head for the climbing tower at the Mini & Maxi Club in Fiss-Ladis or the climbing wall at the entrance to the village of Serfaus. Beginners can take lessons at the local Alpine schools or simply book a taster session. The PlayIN indoor play and climbing centre in Serfaus offers an excellent alternative for rainy days. Thanks to its spider’s web, climbing towers, a bouldering room, interactive laser games and huge softplay area, it’s well worth several visits. Children have six floors of climbing and play equipment at their disposal. This centre of fun and play by the Komperdell cable car’s lower terminus in Serfaus is as suitable for teenagers as it is for small children. Meanwhile, parents can enjoy some peace and quiet in the relaxation zone where they can watch their children at play on large flat screens as they sip their coffee or soft drinks.


Challenges for expert climbers

ANTON RENK VIA FERRATA in Fendels: one of the most spectacular – and most difficult – via ferratas in Tyrol with two overhanging passages, one at the start and another close to the top. Modern via ferrata with good steel cable, rock anchors (mostly eyelet anchors), support brackets. Warning: no emergency exit.

GOLDWEG AND TIROLERWEG VIA FERRATAS in Nauders: these two amazing via ferratas are easy to get to on the Bergkastel cable car and are considered challenging day climbs. They require Alpine experience, sure-footedness and fitness – and the descents should also not be underestimated. Both are gneiss classics with ridge sections and stunning views, one to Lake Reschen the other to the Goldseen Lakes. Warning: no emergency exits.

Equipment: Alpine equipment including provisions for changes in the weather, maps, climbing harness with fixed rope set, climbing helmet, adequate footwear, possibly climbing shoes, fixed rope gloves.

Warning: Do not under any circumstances attempt these climbs if you are unsure of the weather, beware of falling rocks and avoid working stones loose.

Climbing in Serfaus Fiss Ladis Hotel Tirol Austria Tyrol