Adventure world Serfaus Family summer in Fiss Hotel Tirol Austria
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Observe marmots in the wild, try your luck at gold panning, or set new records with the Serfauser Sauser

Poised high above the mountains…
The Serfauser Sauser is a flying machine that offers visitors a bird’s eye view of the Alps from up to 85m above the ground. This four-section zip line tour allows you to fly high above the beautiful landscape at up to 65km/h.

Adventure world Serfaus Family summer in Fiss Hotel Tirol Austria

The adrenaline starts pumping from the start, and the view into the valley reveals what’s to come: a simply superb flying experience! Glide past the treetops and enjoy the mountain scenery with an outstanding safety system and expert supervision.

For details and to book, please call +43/5476/6203. Alternatively, visit Sunliner’s upper terminus or the cashier at the Komperdell’s lower terminus.
Participants must be at least 1.30m tall, and weigh between 30kg and 125kg.

Murmliwasser Waterpark, Marmot Cave, Marmot Enclosure and Gold Panning Area

The Murmliwasser Waterpark covers a 15,000sqm area below the Komperdell cable car’s midway station. The play park consists of numerous interactive stations grouped around a mountain stream including clay ponds, bubble pumps, sand-play areas, landslide hillocks, water steps, a ‘Murmli’ spiral, rock labyrinth, play houses and a ‘Murmli’ lighthouse and picnic area. Children can make the area even more interesting by building their own dams and re-routing the water. The marmot cave is in the middle of a pond, and offers a system of caves for an insight into the hidden homes of the rodents. Real marmots are the attraction at the nearby wildlife enclosure.

The gold panning area is an equally popular attraction: wooden troughs filled with water and sand contain small treasures for children to discover with the help of a gold pan and scoop. Naturally, our young treasure hunters are allowed to take their treasures home.

Tip: make sure you pack towels and spare clothes!


This interactive adventure park for older children turns geocaching into a fun game. The aim is to follow the trail of Master Bruin the bear and solve the mystery of the bear treasure. Set off from the tourist information in Fiss where you will find information about the cache. The GPS treasure hunt is dedicated to the beasts – such as wolves, bears and lynxes – that used to inhabit this high plateau. The cache leads out to Lake Wolfsee where young and old track the four-legged animals, explore a bear’s lair, steel into lynx territory and discover the wolf’s den on their own. The reward for hard-working geocachers is a badge issued by the tourist information office in Fiss.

Adventure world Serfaus Family summer in Fiss Hotel Tirol Austria


Murmli the marmot is Serfaus’ mascot and can be spotted in many places around the Murmliwasser Waterpark and the hiking region. Discover Murmli’s home on the interactive pushchair-friendly adventure trail. Set off from the Gampen family chairlift, and have lots of fun with the story fountain, talking root man, sleeping bear and Fiona, the croaky owl.


In addition to seeing, hearing, touching, smelling and tasting, the Six Senses Experience Trail also allows you to experience illusions. Breathtaking views offer a feast for your eyes and require you to use your sense of sight. Enjoyment is a central theme that runs through the Six Senses Experience Trail which is unique in its design and conception.


Hög Adventure Park is all about Alpine farming and forestry. The ‘Schneisenfeger’ at the Hög Adventure Park in Serfaus is a family roller coaster and a highlight throughout the year. The 1.5km of tobogganing fun starts at a leisurely pace in an old sawmill by the Alpkopfbahn cable car’s midway station. From here, you are pulled to the summit in your toboggan and past interactive stations where you get to find out lots about Alpine farming and forestry. As soon as you arrive at the top, get set for a spectacular downhill ride at up to 40km/h which ends at the Hög Adventure Park.

Adventure world Serfaus Family summer in Fiss Hotel Tirol Austria
Adventure world Serfaus Family summer in Fiss Hotel Tirol Austria

Alm Promenade

The 1.5-km pushchair and wheelchair-friendly adventure trail leads from just below the Komperdellbahn cable car station, around the nearby reservoir pond and back again. 26 stops along the route feature objects and information boards that tell the story of Serfaus: from bitterly poor farming village to its silver mining history and finally its place as one of the most famous resorts in the Alps.