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Yoga holiday in Tyrol

Yoga is a centuries-old practice that can help to harmonise body, mind and soul. Gentle movements and awareness of breathing promote natural self-healing and regeneration, helping activate the circulation and energy bodies.

Yoga sessions are held weekly in the 4-star Superior Hotel TIROL, taking you on a journey to even greater well-being, enabling relaxation to set in at every level. Re-balance your inner self with Yoga in Hotel TIROL and benefit from the many advantages of Yoga practice. And all that accompanied by the wonderful backdrop of the Fiss mountains. We look forward to welcoming both experienced Yogis and Yoga newbies alike to enjoy their Yoga holiday in the TIROL. For balance you can feel and new vigour for everyday life.


Guided Yoga sessions
in Hotel TIROL

During our weekly Yoga sessions, our Yoga instructor Leonie guides you through a short meditation and a Hatha Yoga, or Yin Yoga session. As part of a group in our Yoga and exercise room, you move from one position to the next, training body and mind.

The sessions are always tailored to suit the needs and proficiency level of the participants, which means Yoga in the Hotel TIROL is suitable for all ability levels. The current session times can be seen in our weekly programme – register direct with Reception at any time.

Your Yoga coach
in Hotel TIROL

Our Yoga instructor Leonie grew up in Tyrol, in the mountains. Yoga and energy work has always been a part of her life. As well as Yoga courses in Hotel TIROL Leonie is also booked for international retreats and Yoga events and thanks to her intensive training and experience is able to get into any Yoga position perfectly. She is skilled in helping professionals and beginners master new flows, yielding in-depth relaxation.

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im Hotel TIROL

Would you like to wholly devote yourself to Yoga practice? During the autumn Yoga retreats special attention is paid to the many positive aspects of Yoga. During your Yoga holiday in the TIROL  special breathing and meditation techniques, attentiveness exercises and workshops provide complete well-being.

With a combination of different Yoga styles, you experience a variety-packed exercise programme with plenty of in-depth sessions to help relax and ground, yet also to help completely start afresh with renewed vitality. Leonie also consciously focuses on nutrition during the retreat, so well-being is palpable at every turn. ‘Soul food’ helps the body clear toxins during the retreat, with renewed energy thanks to an awareness of the food we are eating.

Retreat programme

During the five-day retreat, on the evening you arrive you start with some Yin-Yoga. Over the proceeding days, morning begins with meditation and special breathing exercises, before your body gets a jump-start with some Hatha Yoga. During one-on-one sessions, meditative strolls and workshops during the day, you become deeply immersed in the world of Yoga and meditation. During your Yoga holiday in the TIROL, your retreat days come to a close with a Yoga Nidra, Yin-Yoga or a meditation session.

  • Yoga morning routine with meditation and Hatha Yoga
  • Breathing and meditation techniques along with attentiveness exercises
  • Yin-Yoga to relax and ground
  • Yoga Nidra and sound bath with crystal singing bowls
  • ‘Detox’ guide (adjusting your diet, detox tips)
  • Optional one-on-one holistic treatments and body therapy
  • Workshop ‘Light shower’ (cleansing the energy system)


Yoga during a holiday
in Tyrol is so lovely

It is not just the meditation and Yoga practice in the Hotel TIROL that enables you to feel at ease again. The unique mountain realm invites you to retire to nature during your holiday in Fiss too, and practice Yoga outside the Hotel TIROL, replenishing your energy stores. One great opportunity to do just that is provided by the ‘Fisser Kraft- und Sinnesweg’. Along this path, the surrounding area is brought to life via different stations and your soul is invigorated by consciously perceiving the surroundings.

Enjoy the wonderful backdrop that Tyrol provides and enjoy a new experience of Yoga and meditation sessions. Surrounded by the power of nature we sharpen our senses and develop greater body awareness. During a meditation session in the forest or a Yoga session on the banks of a mountain lake, you quite literally feel grounded, consciously feeling, hearing and seeing the elements.

That is Yoga here with us in Fiss. That is Yoga in Hotel TIROL. We look forward  to welcoming you!

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