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Superb freestyle, freeride and powder conditions in the fun areas!

Freestyling, freeriding and shredding – Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis’ nine fun areas are the perfect playground for every kind of freestyler. We guarantee you’ll never have a dull moment! The fun areas offer obstacles for all skill levels. Set-ups are made up of several kickers, boxes, rails and jibs as well as three air bags. For a more relaxed pace, we recommend the fun slope area. For freestyle, freeride and powder skiing, try one of the ten off-piste routes in the Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis ski area. True to their ‘Feel Free’ motto, the snow park areas in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis merge freeride routes and the innovative fun slope to create a huge winter sports paradise. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced freerider: in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis everyone has a free choice.

Freestyle & Freeride, Powder, Fun Areas Hotel Tirol Serfaus Fiss Ladis


The bike park trails by the Waldbahn cable car station have been made fit for winter use as ski trails. Several lines and variations are available at different levels of difficulty.

Feel Free

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  • SKYLINE – distance 2km, altitude difference: 600m
    The Skyline route starts at the beginning of the Frommes run and leads down fabulous freeride slopes. The slopes along this route are east-facing and guarantee gorgeous powder snow.

  • ADLERROUTE – distance 1.7 km, altitude difference: 350m
    The Adlerroute starts at the midpoint of the Adler run and leads through a wonderful pine forest to the powder snow heaven of Fiss’ north side. Powerful legs are definitely an advantage on this route.

  • KAMIKAZE – distance 2km, altitude difference: 600m
    Set off from the Almbahn cable car’s upper terminus (Crystal Cube) at 2,600m above sea level. This route leads southwards with stunning views of Fiss and the surrounding mountains into the valley. At its steepest, the route has a gradient of more than 70% before joining the Kerbboden slope. In winter, freeriders find perfect powder snow conditions on the Kamikaze route, while in the spring, glorious firn awaits.

  • POWDER NOSE – distance 2km, altitude difference: 400m
    The Powder Nose route starts at the upper terminus of the Sattelbahn cable car and leads up to the Möseralm. This south-facing route promises an unforgettable deep-snow experience with stunning panoramic views.

  • MOOSROUTE – distance 750m, altitude difference: 280m
    This route starts at upper terminus of the Obere Scheidbahn cable car. It’s a challenging route, especially as it turns into a mogul slope during the course of the season. Enjoy the fantastic view of the Masnerkopf and Pezid mountains, the highest points in the ski area, before embarking on this thrilling adventure!

Freestyle & Freeride, Powder, Fun Areas Hotel Tirol Serfaus Fiss Ladis
Freestyle & Freeride, Powder, Fun Areas Hotel Tirol Serfaus Fiss Ladis
  • EDELBACHROUTE – distance 1km, altitude difference: 350m
    This wonderful route leads through snow-covered inclines from the Jochabfahrt slope to the Konigsleitheabfahrt slope. The rugged terrain offers varied ski slopes with stunning views of the surrounding mountains and the village of Serfaus.  Take the Königsleitebahn cable car back to the top. Tip: ideal corn snow conditions in spring.

  • SCHLEIFPLATTENROUTE – distance 800m, altitude difference: 300m
    You’ll need nerves of steel for this route with a maximum gradient of 78% – but you’ll love the ride! Branching off from the Obere Scheideabfahrt slope, the Schleifplattenroute leads you down a challenging south-east-facing slope and then takes you through a picturesque north-east-facing hill area – an endurance test for your thighs.

  • PLANSEGGROUTE – distance 1.1km, altitude difference: 300m
    Cool, low-gradient slope for freeriding beginners. Just below the Planseggbahn cable car, this is great for trying your turns in the snow. If this proves too strenuous, easily switch to an adjacent slope. The Planseggroute merges with the lower section of the Zanbodenabfahrt slope.

  • OLD SATTEL – distance 2km, altitude difference: 400m
    This route starts at the junction between the Sattelabfahrt and Gondeabfahrt slopes. Old Sattel guarantees an adventurous ride over natural obstacles alongside the track of the old Sattelkopf T-bar lift. If you’re still craving that adrenaline rush after this route, head straight for the Fisser Flieger or the Skyswing.

  • PEZIDROUTE – distance 650m, altitude difference: 300m
    The Pezidroute starts a few yards behind the Pezidbahn upper terminus (beginning on the Arrez Non-Stop slope). You’ll find a broad deep-snow slope: a delight for all freeriders! The slope’s north-west-facing position means you can enjoy off-piste freeriding until spring! The route eventually rejoins the Arrez Non-Stop slope.