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Be at peace with yourself and the world. Re-energise with our superb range of massages.
Take your pick and let us know before you arrive so that we can schedule your appointments at a time that suits you.
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Full body relaxing massage

Relaxation and wellbeing. Classic healing massage gives an intense boost to the body’s circulation, improving its intake of oxygen and nutrients. Stimulation of the metabolism results in improved removal of waste products and promotes detoxification. The massage relieves pain, alleviates muscular tension and relaxes the whole body. It invigorates body and mind, has a balancing and calming effect and enhances general wellbeing.

50 mins €59

Combined massage

The ideal combination of back massage and reflexology, resolving back problems and then mobilising the whole body through reflexology

50 mins €59

Partial massage

Targeted treatment of back, shoulder or neck muscles, as well as tired or overworked legs

25 mins €33

Sports massage

Wonderfully relaxing and loosening after any exercise that places particular strain on the legs. This type of massage promotes muscle development and soothes aching muscles.

25 mins €33

Special head and neck treatment

Resolves tension. Ideal treatment for headaches, migraines and muscle tightness in the head and neck area.

25 mins €33


The foot acts like a mirror to the body, making reflexology much more than a foot massage. Areas on the foot correspond to different organs and areas of the body, which can be improved with manipulative treatment. Reflexology stimulates circulation, improves problems with organ and tissue function, and supports the body’s own self-healing abilities.

25 mins €33 / 50 mins €59

Manual lymphatic drainage

This gentle form of massage stimulates lymph flow and strengthens the immune system, unblocking tissue and relieving pain. The treatment speeds up the healing process of injuries or swelling after surgery and stimulates purification and detoxification. In addition, manual lymphatic drainage has a relaxing and calming effect on the whole body.

50 mins €62

Facial lymphatic drainage

Anti ageing for the face and neck, the skin tissue is stimulated by a gentle sweeping massage to release and soothe puffiness.

25 mins €36

Combined facial & body lymphatic drainage

80 mins €95

Individual massage

Target treatment tailored to your individual needs.

80 mins €90-€100

Massage for children

Harmonious, light massage for our younger guests (up to age 12)

approx. 20 mins €25

Ear candling

Combined with a facial lymphatic drainage massage. Ear candling is a traditional technique in native American medicine. Lighting the candles in the ear canal creates negative pressure (vacuum effect), which results in a gentle eardrum massage, stimulates circulation and intensifies lymphatic circulation. This effect is then transferred to the middle ear, which has a positive effect on your sense of balance and throat. The treatment can also relieve stress, remedy sleep disorders and alleviate tinnitus.

50 mins €59

Aromatherapy relaxation massage

Soothing, gentle massage with your choice of warmed oils (rosemary, rose petals, St John’s wort etc.)

25 mins €36 / 50 mins €62

Singing bowl massage – Peter Hess method

Feeling sound vibrations through a bowl placed directly on the body rather than perceiving it with your ears allows you to experience pleasantly light, floating and relaxing sensations. Release tension and blockages – harmonise – strengthen healing powers – find deep relaxation – revitalise.

50 mins €62

Meridian massage

Harmonious tapping and sliding of meridian sections re-balances energy flow and releases blockages.

50 mins €59

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