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Summer highlights in the mountains of Tyrol

Fisser Flitzer. Fiss.

A 2,200 metre adventure ride

The ‘Flitzer's’ starting point lies at an altitude of 1,812 metres. It is next to the Möseralm terminus, so get straight onto the toboggan, grab the joystick and go! Several surprises await en route.


Fisser Flieger. Fiss.

Pull on your pilot's vest, strap yourself in, thumbs up and go: the 'Fisser Flieger' is a flying machine for four passengers that 'floats' through the air at between 8 and 47 metres above the ground.


Skyswing. Fiss.

Seriously addictive: there’s a moment when the centrifugal force and gravitation offset each other and make your body feel utterly weightless. This is immediately followed by a twelve metre freefall!


Fisser Gonde Nature Trail.

The Fisser Gonde Nature Trail is a themed path for young and old. The fun and interactive stations along the way provide information about the Fisser Gonde area, which is a designated natural monument.


Lake Wolf in Fiss.

This family-friendly circular path passes through the gently rolling landscape and provides a genuine feast for the eyes. Deciduous and larch forests alternate with colourful meadows and fields of flowers while the mountain peaks are reflected in the lake's clear waters. Comfortable benches are set up all along the way for you to relax and unwind.


Serfauser Sauser.

There is something rather special about travelling at up to 65km/h – 85m above the heads of people walking below! The Serfauser Sauser is exceptional, exhilarating and great fun. Qualified guides make sure you are safely secured into your harness before you glide through the four sections that take you from the Sunliner mountain terminal to the Komperdell valley terminal.


Wodewelt Ladis.

Wodewelt Ladis is a fairy tale trail based on 'How the paradise seeds came to Ladis', a tale by the famous Austrian storyteller Christian Stefaner. The Woden Theme Park around the Neuegg pond in Ladis brings the magic of this story to life and features adventures on a giant scale.


Bikepark Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis.

The Bikepark is a unique cycling hotspot with an array of different trails and attractions. The mountain bike area is family-friendly yet challenging enough to suit even the most skilled mountain bikers. Multifaceted freeride trails offer cycling fans of all ages and abilities top notch biking fun. Take the forest railway to the mountain terminal at 1,830 metres altitude, where there are trails for four levels of proficiency. Back in the valley, you’ll find yourself in a true cyclists' playground – a perfectly scaled Slope Style Area, a pump track, a training course and a kids’ park round off the bike arena.


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