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Sustainable delights

Setting priorities, developing awareness: accountability and value are the foundations for regional development and good health.

Lech Valley cheese from the village of Steeg; potatoes from the Pitz Valley; Tyrolean mountain apricot jam from Prutz; vegetables from the Innsbruck region: supporting farmers and preserving biodiversity.

Honey – pure nature

We keep our own bees and look after them and their hives with love and devotion. In return they give us honey, which mirrors the flavours of our Alpine flowers and forest trees.


Farmhouse bread – freshly baked and fragrant

‘Fisser Leabala’ is a flat bread that we bake every week using a family recipe, handed down for generations. We use different types of flour to make the dough, which is then baked until crisp and golden. The fragrance of freshly baked bread in the hotel on baking days is simply irresistible!

Homemade cakes and pastries

A feast for the eyes and a feast for the palate – all of our gâteaux, cakes, desserts & pastries are homemade. Taste a slice of Tyrol – or even two...

The herb garden – the essence of flavour

Freshly picked herbs from our own garden for natural flavour. Essential ingredients, tasty and uplifting.

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