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Hotel Tirol in Fiss

When it says Tyrol on it … it’s got Tyrol in it!

Austria-fans need no introduction to the Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis holiday region, the high plateau above the Inn Valley is famous for being famous: traditional culture reigns and the sun shines for more than 2000 hours every year. Nestled against imposing mountains and offering a stupendous panorama, the Hotel Tirol occupies a truly enviable spot. Owned by the Pregenzer family since 1957, this hugely atmospheric 4 star hotel in Fiss is now run by the second generation.

‘If it says Tyrol, it is Tyrol‘ is the family motto. We are living up to our name and justify our reputation by meticulous attention to detail and being in tune with nature.

Arriving at 1436m above sea level means taking it a little easier and making time go a little slower. Spontaneous generosity, authentic hospitality and distinct individuality are the basis of our Alpine traditions and lifestyle, obvious throughout the house and the 41 rooms & suites. Highest quality local materials dominate the interiors, they envelop you and convey a deep sense of comfort. The views from every window in the house are awesome – here it is such a pleasure to get up!

Leisurely walks, Nordic walking, e-biking and mountain climbing around Fiss are the perfect tonic for body, mind and soul.

Debuting this summer: The Hotel Tirol Taste Sensation Event
Embark on a sensory adventure – we invite you to a summer full of delicious highlights! WE LOVE IT AND ENJOY IT.

Yours, the Pregenzer family from the hotel Tirol in Fiss


28.09.14 – 12.10.14

7 nights including Hotel Tirol luxury board & programme of events

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